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SSAA Information

SSAA Information

This page is meant to provide the General Membership with information about how the SSAA Board operates; specifically what we do, and what we execute at the park that pertains to the Baseball and Softball leagues and the physical infrastructure of the park.

Registration Fees

Below is a chart in regards to the breakdown of the registration fees collected to play in a league at SSAA. The 2013 fee increase is due to the county increase of per player charges to the Association. Also, the preseason tournament is included in the registration fee this year as opposed to previous seasons per team charges. Cost is $165 for in county players and $198 for out of county players.The $7.50 increase covers part of the increase of county fees and preseason tournament (not all, but ssaa is absorbing the additional cost). 

Capital Improvements

Over the years, SSAA has made several captial improvements to the park. These are benefits and needs provided for the constituents of our program and not funded by the county. These improvements are paid for by the fundraising activity within SSAA. This funding comes from various activities such as Pictures, Banners, Donations, Sponserships, and Braves Night. Without these activities, we would not be able to continue to invest in park improvements.

League Expenses
Each season, we incur expenses which we feel will benefit the coaches and players of our program. These are meant to improve the Coaching and Player experience at this park. Below are items which SSAA incurs expenses to perform for each season.

  • Dizzy Dean Affiliation Fees
  • Coaches NYSCA Certification
  • Coaches Clinics hosted at local High Schools

League Schedules

The schedule for each team within each league is created and managed by Forsyth County Park and Rec. They go through a tremendous effort in creating these schedules for each league within each park for the county. We, as an association, do not schedule the game nor the rain out make ups. 

In addition to the League Schedules, the Park and Rec Dept also manages the coordination of umpires to cover the schedule. This too is a tremendous effort to coordinate throughout the county.

Both of these efforts consume a large number of Forsyth County Park and Rec man hours. and we, as a Board, believe that their efforts have contributed to a very successful season.